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When mixing contemporary design to traditional knowhow, a new wonder is born, here is WONDERWOOD a harmonious fusion where innovation meets time-honored techniques to create something truly extraordinary.

In Wonderwood, we transcend conventional design boundaries, immersing ourselves in a nuanced exploration of layers, finishes, and chemical treatments. The outcome is a collection that exudes a weathered, earthy allure, as if plucked from the depths of a ruin, yet infused with a modern sensibility achieved through the amalgamation of diverse materials and methods.

 For lovers of natural wood, Wonderwood offers a multifunctional set of products, serving as tableware, a freestanding fruit bowl, or a valet tray. This collection is the result of collaborative work with Lebanese artisans skilled in marquetry, an artisanal industry with roots dating back decades in the Levant region. By harnessing their expertise in assembling and applying veneer pieces to form decorative patterns, we breathe new life into this ancient craft.

 At the heart of Wonderwood lies a commitment to reinventing marquetry, blending classic intarsia methods with contemporary flair. Utilizing an eclectic array of solid woods boasting diverse textures, hues, and scents, we craft bespoke pieces guided by meticulously crafted patterns. Each pattern is then painstakingly hand-turned on a lathe, sculpted, and carved to seamlessly meld with the natural grain, resulting in captivating sculptural masterpieces.

 Wonderwood comprises two distinct variations: one boasting sleek, round-edge finishes, while the other, aptly named crystallized Wonderwood, features diamond-cut embellishments that evoke the raw, untamed beauty of natural crystals. Each piece undergoes a rigorous process of hand-finishing, including polishing, sandblasting for a rugged aesthetic, acid treatment, and a final layer of wax to preserve its tactile allure.

 To showcase Wonderwood's magnificence, each piece is presented on a rugged concrete pedestal, accentuated with an oxidized brass bracket. From inception to completion, Wonderwood epitomizes a harmonious marriage of innovation, craftsmanship, and artistry, elevating everyday objects to extraordinary works of functional art.