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Wake Up Call

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A reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard our natural environment. Our planet's ecological balance, encompassing animals, forests, plants, minerals, and soils, is an invaluable part of our universal heritage, essential for maintaining a healthy atmosphere and thriving ecosystems.

While the task of protecting the environment may seem daunting, there are tangible steps we can take to make a difference. Beginning within our own communities, we can embrace sustainable choices and raise awareness about local environmental challenges. By advocating for policies that prioritize nature conservation, we can amplify our impact and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

"Wake Up Call" embodies this urgent call to action through a limited edition series of table lamps. Crafted with brass structures and hand-blown organic-shaped sandblasted bulbs, these lamps cast a gentle glow over landscapes adorned with various types of semi-precious rocks. Amidst this ethereal scene, abandoned bird nests serve as poignant reminders of the challenges facing our natural world.

Each lamp features three carefully selected types of stones, chosen for their symbolic significance and energy-transmitting properties:

Black Tourmaline: Facilitating a connection between our energy system and that of Mother Earth, black tourmaline possesses healing qualities that soothe stress, dispel worries and fears, and promote a sense of power and self-confidence.

Emerald Beryl: A stone associated with successful and abundant love, emerald beryl encourages the release of negativity, provides strength to overcome challenges, and fosters emotional equilibrium and understanding.

Crystal Quartz: Revered as the master healer, crystal quartz amplifies energy and thought, harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, and purifies the soul on a profound level.

“WAKE UP CALL” a mission acting as nature alert, with every tick of the clock; Nature is being destroyed lets wake up and act fast.