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The Moose Cabinet

Sale price₹ 258,000

With this moose, you’ll never lose - anything. Entryway
cabinet, dining room sideboard, Bedroom Dresser or
living room muse, this moose has infinite use!

The Moose is a statement piece inspired by a Moose and is designed to be FUN-ctional - Super fun yet highly functional. The most attractive feature of Moose is the plug-and-play accessories that one can choose to use as per their needs/desires.
The moose is ingeniously crafted using White Ash wood and has a classically fluted shutter and quirky color-stained useful accessories.

Antlers for your keys, caps, hats, or scarves; Bowl for your accessories and knick-knacks; Open and closed shelves for whatever you want to show/display and hide/store; mirrors to check your smile/face.

It has cleverly designed push-to-open shutters; Moose’s eye acts as a knob for the face shutter and beautiful green stained internals which astonishes everyone as no-one expects it.

The Antlers, Bowl, Tray & circular mirror are plug and
play accessories for Moose.