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The Caterpillar Bar Unit

Sale price₹ 215,000

The caterpillar stands innocently in the room until you give it a spin to reveal its mischievous charm. The caterpillar acts as a sculptural piece with a hidden bar and is a great conversation starter for hosting your guests and parties. What’s your hidden treasure?

The Caterpillar bar revolves to add fun to the party by surprising people by revealing the hidden stock of bottles, to start the party with a bang.
The Caterpillar bar is designed to be a Functional furniture - Super fun and very functional.

The Caterpillar bar is beautifully crafted out of White Ashwood and precisely engineered for flawless turning of the bar segments. The caterpillar has provision to stock stocks 20-30 bottles, wine bottles and wine glasses.

The legs of the caterpillar double up as knobs which are used to revolve the bar segment.