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Sale price₹ 35,000


A series of carafe / jugs / soliflore and table lamps.

Meticulously crafted from solid brushed brass and delicate hand-blown borosilicate glass, melded seamlessly into an exquisite union.

At the heart of "Plugged" lies a profound message, subtly woven into its aesthetic allure: "protect yourself." Just as the sturdy brass base provides stability to the entire ensemble, it serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of safe sex in avoiding unintended consequences.

The metamorphosed glass jug, mirroring the elegant contours of the brass rod, envelops half of the structure in a mesmerizing embrace, symbolizing the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, transparency and density. This juxtaposition of materials serves as a metaphor for the intricacies of human intimacy, where fragility and resilience intertwine.

"Plugged" transcends mere functionality, inviting contemplation and conversation. It celebrates the beauty of duality, the harmony of opposites, and the imperative of responsibility. With each piece, we invite you to embrace not only its aesthetic splendor but also the profound narrative it embodies, a testament to the power of design to inspire and provoke thought.