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Sale price₹ 615,000

A few months ago, Raw Color challenged theconcept of rest with their design, Link. They asked themselves why a seat can’t be a “piece of art” when we are not using it? Now, why can’t a “piece of art” be as practical as a seat?
The answer is that it can. Meet the new Wrinkled Link, featuring a cover that allows you to dress and undress each link without much effort, making it easy to maintain.

A quilted filling provides extra softness and allows you to choose from a wide variety of fabrics. Its ruffled construction creates a characteristic crinkled effect.
This new version joins the original variants launched in 2022 with their tightly tailored 6 felt colours and 2 multicolour versions curated by the designers themselves. We are now updating them to include 4 additional colours and the commemorative Fiesta textile.
In any of their versions, the sculptural Link poufs are based on the search for alternative furnishing solutions. By breaking down all formal barriers, their approach is undoubtedly freer, and this triggers rebellious, even anarchic sitting. In any case, fun is guaranteed.