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Hawa Beirut Pink Chair

Sale price₹ 311,000

A tribute to the rich architectural heritage of Lebanon, encapsulating the essence of our cultural identity in a collection of ethereal furniture pieces. Inspired by the iconic arches in Lebanese architecture, each piece in the HAWA Beirut collection embodies a sense of lightness and grace, reminiscent of a gentle summer breeze or a profound love for our heritage.

In Arabic, "HAWA" evokes the notion of a delicate breeze, symbolizing not only a physical sensation but also a deep affection or passion. With HAWA Beirut, we aim to capture this sentiment, fostering a nostalgic yet harmonious connection to our ancestors while paving the way for future generations to embrace our culture.

This collection features two chairs, one with sumptuous upholstery and the other left bare, alongside a versatile low flippable central table, perfect for intimate gatherings or solitary reflection. Additionally, a decorative "paravent" or separation panel adds a touch of elegance, blending multiple materials seamlessly.

Crafted from powder-coated colorful steel with fabric, the paravent is ornamented with handmade silk braiding cords and tassels, paying homage to traditional Lebanese craftsmanship. The inclusion of treated pink marble and blown stained glass inserts further accentuates the fusion of modern design with time-honored techniques.

HAWA Beirut serves as a conduit for storytelling, bridging the gap between past, present, and future. With its evocative aesthetic and meticulous craftsmanship, HAWA Beirut invites you to immerse yourself in a journey through time, where heritage and innovation converge in perfect harmony.