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Glory Holes

Sale price₹ 1,046,000

For him and her, conversations about 'revenge' can sometimes carry a surprisingly sweet undertone, hence the term 'sweet revenge.' The concept behind this creation is to fashion a sensational product reminiscent of fine jewelry, accentuating the softer, more sensual aspects of revenge rather than its aggressive nature. This delicate balance is achieved by blending elements of reality and fantasy in a provocative yet glamorous manner, all while ensuring the design maintains its timeless appeal.

Crafted from luxurious marble, solid brass, and metal, 'Glory Holes' exudes an aura of opulence and allure. The golden hue of brass lends an oriental elegance to the piece, while the polished finish accentuates its extravagant appeal. Contrasting against a backdrop of white and black, these shimmering brass elements radiate splendor, creating a captivating visual contrast.

'Glory Holes' is more than just a table; it's a multifunctional creation that offers more than meets the eye. Its primary function is as a 'soliflore groupage,' allowing for the arrangement of small vases, drawing inspiration from the term 'glory.' When these vases are arranged atop the perforated marble top, 'Glory Holes' transforms into a versatile low table, side table, or sculptural centerpiece. Alternatively, when inverted, it forms a base for a larger tabletop. Yet, beyond its functional versatility, 'Glory Holes' is an interactive installation that beckons exploration.