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A visionary interpretation of the humble nail, reimagined as a coffee or side table that seamlessly merges functionality with artistic expression. In French, "Clou" denotes a nail, traditionally used to connect two objects. However, in this context, "Clou" transforms into an emblematic piece of furniture, embodying both symbolism and practicality.

Each edition of "Clou" features a distinctive composition, with a flat surface serving as the table's header and a pointed pyramid forming the base. The juxtaposition of materials elevates the design, offering two unique editions crafted from marble and treated iron metal. The interchangeable pedestals allow for customization, enabling users to mix and match to achieve desired color combinations or even utilize "Clou" as a sculptural piece when laid on the floor.

The visual narrative of "Clou" encompasses dual symbolism – on one hand, it evokes notions of sadism, representing the act of penetration; on the other hand, it symbolizes alliance, as the two elements become unified despite the initial pain. As the nail is driven into the base, part of its body becomes buried within, forging a bond between the two materials. Through this union, disparate elements converge to form a singular entity, transcending their individuality to create a harmonious whole.

"Clou" challenges conventional perceptions, inviting contemplation on the nature of connection and transformation. It is a testament to the power of design to evoke emotion and provoke thought.