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Big Chair

Sale price₹ 537,000

BIG CHAIR is part of the “Forms & Textures” collection. A serie of objects developed to reflect about the boundaries between Art & Design. The object was intentioned to be a sculpture without any function, although our mindset as designers made it have a form that reminds us of a chair.

*BIG CHAIR is not developed as a functional chair and not intentioned to be used as a chair, but as a sculpture.

More about the “Forms & Textures” collection: The “Forms & Textures” exhibition is a reflection about the boundaries between Art & Design. Who is responsible to define an object as an artwork or a design? Is functionality making an object a design? Or is the story making it an artistic interpretation? The “Forms & Textures” collection could be interpreted at first sight as a chair, a lamp or a room divider, although its unusual and uncomfortable forms are making clear that we are not speaking about a functional design object.