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After Ago Side Table 2

Sale price₹ 399,000

“AFTER AGO” is an ode to an arch, a tribute to a city, an elegy of lost souls, altogether converted to emotional fantasy objects, transmitting functionality however remaining timeless and sculptural.

This hybrid collection draws inspiration from the metaphorical Postmodernism/Memphis movement, infused with graceful Art Deco lines and the monolithic sobriety of Brutalism. By embracing the simplicity of lines, "AFTER AGO" showcases how minimalist design can yield an infinite array of thoughtfully crafted objects that exude elegance and refinement.

Each piece in "AFTER AGO" is meticulously handcrafted and painted using a blend of materials, including foam, lightweight concrete plaster and acrylic paint. Through a process of experimentation and exploration, arches are transformed into bold and prominent shapes using various geometrical procedures such as insertion, intersection, extrusion, and subtraction. The result? A diverse range of functional objects – from seating and shelving units to tables, trays, and vases – each bearing the hallmark of architectural ingenuity.

The alternating black and white stripes adorning each side of the objects create a mesmerizing illusion of internal and spatial chaos. Black, with its air of mystery, symbolizes the unknown future and the melancholy of the past, while white represents serenity and safety. Black encapsulates space, while white expands it. Together, they evoke sophistication, innocence, and the cyclical nature of existence.

These objects serve as catalysts for emotional transformation, inviting contemplation on themes of sadness and joy, anger and tranquility, fear and hope – mirroring the resilient spirit of Beirut, a city with a storied history of destruction and rebirth. Like Beirut itself, "AFTER AGO" emerges from the ashes, embodying the enduring quest for eternal life and renewal.